Once you got engaged, the first and most important step to a wedding planning is to choose your wedding venue.  Do consult your feng shui master or family members etc. to have your wedding date fix and stick to it. You don’t want to change your wedding date and lose your wedding venue after you pay the deposit.

3 main factors to consider before you decide on a wedding venue:

  1. Ambience– I am very particular on the ambience of a wedding. The space of a hall, with or without pillar, lighting, table setting and chairs, stage etc are those factors that will affect the ambience of a wedding. Hence, I always prefer a hotel rather a restaurant or a conference hall
  2. Budget– You need to set up a budget that you can afford. Of course if you are going for ambience, you might need to pay more and usually 5 star hotels cost way more than restaurants or any other wedding venues.
  3. Guest number– Your wedding venue has to be able to accommodate all your guests

I have compiled a list of wedding venues in KL and Selangor, together with the pros and cons (these are my personal opinions, no intention for defamation):

  1. Grand Hyatt Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Price: RM2699- 2899++

Pro: My favourite place for wedding venue. Fantastic silver-ish lights and design on the               ceiling, romantic LED lighting, artistic table scape… who wouldn’t dream of it 😀

Con: Pricey $$$$$

  1. Westin Hotel

Price: RM2399++

Pro: Artistic lights (not traditional chandelier lights), high ceiling, no pillar and big stage,               strategic location for hotel guests

  1. Double tree Hilton

Price: RM1899++

Pro: High ceiling, big ballroom with silver wall, romantic LED lighting, no pillar, overseeing          the pool where you can have your ROM, package includes adequate and nice floral                    arrangement, good food

Con: Cocktail area is a bit too small, needs minimum of 35 tables

  1. JW Marriot Hotel, KL

Price: starting RM2000++

Pro: High ceiling, big ballroom to accommodate bigger crowd, strategic for guests

Con: No romantic LED lights (only warm yellow lights), ballroom deco is a bit old-styled

  1. Majestic hotel

Price: RM2200++

Pro: Big ballroom to accommodate up to 100 tables, High ceiling with no pillar, comes                with nice floral arrangement, European-style ballroom with chandelier

Con: Minimum spending required, purple carpet colour

  1. Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur

Price: RM2199++

Pro: High ceiling with no pillar, no minimum table requirement, spacious cocktail area,               newly refurnished ball room

Con: No romantic LED lights (only yellow warm lights), ballroom wall is a bit woody and             too yellowish, small budget for floral arrangement (which means you need to top up more           for nicer floral deco)

  1. Shangri-la Hotel

Price: RM2388-3288++

Pro: If you are a Golden circle member- use it to earn points, good food

Con: Carpet colour is a bit off (a mixture of green and red), ballroom deco is old-schooled

  1. Ritz Carlton Hotel

Price: RM2199++

Pro: Friendly wedding manager, pork are served (for Chinese wedding), suitable for small          wedding, no min. table requirement, spacious cocktail area, strategic location

Con: Low ceiling with pillar, small ballroom, yellow ballroom wall, small stage

  1. Le Meridien Hotel

Price: RM2188++

Pro: Nice and small ballroom, cosy venue for a small wedding (only 32 tables)

Con: Too small to accommodate a big crowd

  1. Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Price: RM2198- 3138++

Pro: Strategic location, big hall for larger crowd, nice ballroom deco

Con: Min spend required

  1. Hilton PJ

Price: RM1488- 1888++

Pro: Affordable for a hotel, nice chandelier light, friendly and experienced wedding                      manager

Con: Orange carpet colour might be a bit off, location, hotel looks a bit old

  1. Hilton KL

Price: RM2799++

Pro: Big hall, high ceiling with no pillar, no minimum table requirement

Con: Pricey, hall is kind of connected to Le Meridien ballroom (may have 2 weddings at              one day)

  1. Sunway hotel

Price: RM1988-2288+

Pro: Big hall, good food

Con: Stage is a bit woody and old-schooled (but some people may find it grand), location

  1. Sime Darby Convention Centre

Price: RM1488++

Pro: More affordable, big ballroom and huge stage, nice lights (shaped like umbrellas),              next alternative to a hotel

Con: The dome shaped of the building may make it look a bit old-styled

  1. KLCC

Price: RM2499++

Pro: Big hall, high ceiling with no pillars, strategic location

Con: Min table required

Not-so-conventional wedding venue:

Alternatively, you can also host your wedding venue in these venues listed below, however, bear in mind, these venues may sometimes cost a bomb given it only serves a few course of western meals. But outdoor wedding is more preferable nowadays and ‘the feel’ is there.

  1. Ciao Restaurant
  2. Bankers club
  3. Carcosa Seri Negara
  4. Bukit Kiara Equestrian Resort
  5. Signature @ the roof

Besides picking the venue that you like, you must also go through the wedding package provided. Make sure you state what you want initially before signing the package. Usually prices won’t change, but what they provided is negotiable. Checklist to ensure that the package is inclusive of:

  1. Corkage- How many bottles provided? Does it include all types of alcohol?
  2. Flower arrangement- How many floral pedestals? Main table arrangement?
  3. Invitation card printing
  4. Food tasting
  5. How many rooms provided on complimentary
  6. Complimentary venue for ROM (if you are looking at outdoor ROM)
  7. What soft drinks provided on complimentary basis?
  8. Wedding favours
  9. Colour of table and chair lines
  10. Preferential room rate for guests

Hope the information above are beneficial for you in hunting down a wedding venue in KL and Selangor.